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Transponder Key Programming

Transponder Key Programming Service In San Antonio TX

Transponder Key Programming – Fight Vehicle Theft

With millions of cars or any kind of vehicle showcased in various sizes, features, and designs, as well as with the variety of keys, which range from regular keys to transponders and with the numerous key models out in the market, car service companies are also in a boom!

As the owner of a vehicle, you should find ways to secure, maintain, and upgrade its parts – mainly the keys, the engine, the seats, engine oils, tires, exhaust system, its programming, the breaks and fuel tank, etc.

Automotive Locksmith San Antonio helps provide this kind of care. But other than its preservation and improvements, never forget about the safety and security of your vehicles. With this, look for an automotive locksmith company that provides all types of auto locksmith services! Offering a transponder key programming service for its customers, this company is just for you!


Vehicle theft has been rampant for… forever, but nowadays, it has gotten worse. If you are already one of the victimized parties, you would know how important securing your cars is. If fortunately you haven’t experienced it yet, do not wait further and learn from the experience of others! Make sure you have a transponder key!

Why you need a Transponder Key Programming Service

Once convinced, go the extra mile and be sure to find a legit programmer! Speed Keys 4 Cars ensures quality installs through their professional and experienced employees. Take note that the process is meticulous, so better be safe than sorry. The transponder key only works if installed properly. This is another reason why you should grab it and enjoy hassle-free and worry-free driving. It will also give your car security when parking at night. At our company, you can avail of either a new transponder key or a transponder key replacement service at the lowest possible price.

Transponder is a word elicited from the words “transmitter” and “responder”. It has an electronic chip, which receives and sends radio signals. Transponders are programmed to a specific vehicle. More good news is the way it meticulously works:

  • Transponder keys only work and start the cars they are matched and programmed
  • The car should get an appropriate signal from the transponder key to successfully start the car it is matched with
  • Sorry to all those car thieves! Even if they have an exact copy of your car key, they will not be able to start the ignition.
  • So the car will only unlock and activate once it is ensured that the transponder has a similar program as the car.


Why you need us

“At Speed Keys 4 Cars, our customers always come first. Our business revolves around them.” This has been our slogan. We aim to ensure that our customers feel they are important. In our daily operations, we prioritize listening to our customers and studying their concerns in order to better understand what we need to do in order to provide the best service.

At Speed Keys 4 Cars, we have well-trained technicians who will take care of all your transponder key replacement and programming needs. Each one is skilled at operating a state-of-the art machine that enables locksmiths to reprogram transponder keys.

Attending seminars and workshops on a regular basis, these skilled people maintain and upgrade their capabilities which make them a good choice for who you’ll leave your vehicle with.

Lastly, being updated on the latest advancements in the industry arms them with the best process s and the uppermost standards for providing locksmith services whenever customers come to them with locksmith requirements – or whenever you’ll need to replace or program a transponder key!

More than Just the Transponder Key

Speed Keys 4 Cars is a car locksmith company that offers different types of auto locksmith services in San Antonio TX.

We offer quality transponder key programming services for the safety and security of your automobiles, and we do so at very low prices. But we offer a lot more too, also with very low prices! We have the following services:

  • Car Key Replacement – Providing key replacement for any kind or brand of cars. Upon order, a costumer would no longer have wait long for the new car keys. We ensure fast, efficient, and superb work.
  • Laser Key Cutting – Because of the need for a highly specialized and sophisticated machine for laser key cutting, some companies may not be able to offer this type of service. With us, though, it’s not a problem, as we have the machine for it.
  • Ignition Repair When it comes to car ignition repair, our main goal is to satisfy our customers with the service that we provide

Avail any of these services in the time of need. We value not only your satisfaction, but also the quality, safety, and care for the community.

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